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What is Electrolysis?

For over 125 years Electrolysis has been proven to be the ONLY PERMANENT METHOD of hair removal of any type/colour and recommended by the FDA. Laser, waxing, threading, plucking are considered temporary methods of hair removal and reduction.

Modern Electrology began in 1875 through the efforts of Ophthalmologist, Dr. Charles Michel. He accidentally discovered electrolysis while removing an ingrown eyelash from one of his patients. Through his initial efforts and continued research, permanent hair removal by Electrolysis has become a reliable and safe method for halting excess hair growth.

Who is a Candidate for Electrolysis?

Males and females of all ages and ethnicities, who have unwanted hair of any type, are candidates for Electrolysis treatment. And, unlike laser, which have been known to cause scarring on dark skin and are ineffective on light hair, Electrolysis is suitable for any colour and texture of hair and on all skin types. While there is no age that is a barrier to Electrolysis treatment, it is advisable to obtain parental consent for children or young teens under sixteen. Parents are encouraged to accompany any underage dependents, at least for the consultation. This allows an informed parent to understand the procedure and be supportive of the treatment.

Causes of Hair Growth

Normal Systemic:

Changes in hair growth can be caused by puberty, pregnancy, menopause and hysterectomy. Puberty stimulates change in both the body and hair growth patterns. Common pattern changes include an increase in hair follicle activity and an overall darkening/thickening of the hair shaft. The diminished hormonal levels in a woman’s body following menopause and/or a hysterectomy can promote new hair growth on the face and body.


Hair growth changes originate in the endocrine system, which is responsible for our physical development. Certain specific medications, such as male hormones, birth control pills, steroids, and even pregnancy can disrupt the delicate endocrine balance and produce unwanted hair growth.

Hereditary Hirsutism:

Excessive and abnormal hair growth, is found in all nationalities, some more than others. Electrolysis can permanently solve this problem regardless of nationality or the amount of hair. However, many cases of excessive hair growth are actually normal in relation to the physiological changes the client may be going through, just as it is normal for many men to go bald. Most cases of baldness are hereditary and are considered normal.

Waxing, Sugaring, Dermaplaning, Tweezing, And Threading Are All Temporary And Can Increase Hair Growth:

Each procedure removes the hair with a pull. The hair is pulled out at the base of the hair follicle, causing slight tissue injury, while at the same time leaving active germinating hair cells intact. The capillaries that feed the hairs are stimulated by the tissue injury, which causes them to bring an extra blood supply to the area, to promote healing. At the same time the extra blood supply acts like a boost of vitamins, stimulating the remaining germinating hair cells to produce a stronger healthier hair growth.


Stress (both emotional and physical) can stimulate the adrenal glands to initiate a hormonal reaction that can cause finer hairs to become more coarse and noticeable. Increased blood supply can also stimulate hair growth to become thicker and darker. Some surgical procedures e.g.; oophorectomy (the removal of an ovary or ovaries) and eating disorders can affect the normal hormonal balance in the body.

What is a Normal Hair Growth Cycle?

On every square inch of skin, there are about 1,000 hair follicles.
All hair, regardless of the area of the body, have different growth cycles. Eyelashes and eyebrows, for example, grow for about four months and then are shed. The life span of a human scalp hair is from two to four years.

After the hair sheds, the follicle becomes dormant for a period varying from a few weeks to several months, and then begins to produce a hair again. Much perceived “regrowth” that occurs during treatment is really hair emerging from dormancy. Once this hair becomes visible, it can be treated for the first time.

How Does It Work?

Electrolysis is the insertion of a pre-packaged sterilized probe into the hair follicle (the natural skin opening from which the hair grows), an electrical current is then passed down this probe to treat the growing portion of the hair follicle, so it can no longer produce a new hair.

A heat and tingling sensation is felt during the current flow. Using sterilized tweezers, the electrologist gently slides the hair out of the follicle. Unlike laser, waxing or threading; electrolysis targets only the hairs requiring treatment.

Areas of Treatment

Although all areas of the body are able to be treated;

COMMON treatment areas for WOMEN are: chin, upper lip, eyebrows, cheeks, neck, breasts, underarms, bikini line.
COMMON treatment areas for MEN are: eyebrows, ears, nostrils, neck.

Electrolysis is perfect for white, red or colourless hairs that can not be treated by laser (IPL), also the completion of your laser hair removal treatment and for those of you with scattered hairs where it would not be economically beneficial.

You Control The Treatment

In order for electrolysis to be effective some sensation must be felt. You control the speed of the treatment by letting the electrologist know the amount of sensation you can feel.

Does The Frequency Of Treatment Have Bearing On Success?

The more frequent the treatment, the better the results! Hair growth is most vulnerable when it first reappears. If the hair is not immediately treated, the hair will rebuild its strength and negate the effectiveness of the initial treatment. Therefore, it is very important for a client to participate in a planned program of electrolysis.

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