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Finding a qualified health coach to aid in your weight loss journey can be challenging, especially if you have a busy schedule or reside in a rural area. At SE & Wellness, we understand these obstacles, which is why we offer online coaching services.

That’s why SE & Wellness offers online coaching. This option is ideal if:

• There isn’t an Ideal Protein clinic nearby.

• You travel frequently or have a hectic schedule.

• The clinic’s location isn’t convenient.

• You prefer virtual meetings.

Similar to our in-person option, our virtual coaching provides expert guidance through the Ideal Protein Protocol, assisting you to lose weight and sustaining your results long-term.

Why Clients Love Remote Coaching


All of your Ideal Protein products and meals are shipped directly to you.

Remote Check-Ins

Meet with your coach weekly over Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime, or Skype to review your progress and address questions.


Studies also show clients with coaches lose twice as much weight!

Real Ideal Protein Reviews

“I had never been on an actual diet until I hit 34 when I felt my weight dramatically increase. I was having difficulty fitting into most of my jeans and I no longer felt comfortable in a bathing suit. Exercising and eating (what I thought was) sensibly didn’t seem to make a difference. I had always been very skeptical of ketogenic lifestyle diets that were full of unhealthy fats, but after meeting with Cheryl I learned that Ideal Protein was very different and knew I was in good hands. She was a fantastic coach and essentially re-trained me how to eat properly. I lost 30 pounds in 12 weeks and I feel amazing! The protocols were incredibly easy to follow and gave me actual visible results in a short period of time. Most importantly, I am now eating quality whole foods on a daily basis and don’t even think twice about most of the junk I used to consider “healthy”. Thank you for everything Cheryl!”


34 Lbs in 10 weeks! I am a soon to be 50 year old sport oriented man. I have been on many other diets and for me Ideal Protein is not a diet, but an educational process on how to have a healthy way of life. I am an active person and go to the gym at least 3 times a week and still didn’t get the results that I was looking for. I’ve been on Weight Watchers and many other programs and I have lost weight in the past, but never got rid of my ‘beer belly’ and I don’t drink beer! After being on Ideal Protein for 10 weeks I had lost 34 lbs, but had achieved something I never had before, I lost the belly! Cheryl taught me how to eat a balanced diet of all the foods that I loved before, but even better I was taught to easily manage my ‘fun days’ and haven’t gained any of my weight back after 2 months. It’s so easy! Ideal Protein got me everything I was looking for and then some. All my friends still ask how I did it and I’m more then happy to tell them all about Ideal Protein. It changed my life and it can change yours!


Ottawa, ON

Cellulite Gone! Hi, my name is Kelly and I started Ideal Protein to lose about 10lbs, but mostly to sculpt myself a waistline again and get rid of some cellulite that had found its way onto my body! Being 41 I’d found my mid-section had expanded the last few years and I wasn’t happy about it. It took around 5 weeks until I got to a point where I was happy – I had lost a total of 9.25 lbs, but most importantly 7.75 inches. I had a waistline again and I was happy to say the least! The program itself was easy to follow, the food was good and easy to prepare and it was nice having a coach to rely on for tips, support, recipe ideas etc. Even though I would like to think I’ve always been a healthy eater, the Ideal Protein program gave me back my waistline when exercise and healthy eating wasn’t working. I’m on maintenance now and have learned what I need to do to keep the weight / inches off… and I intend to!!


Barrhaven, ON

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