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Cheryl Chapman

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Coach & Centre Owner

In 2010, I encountered the Ideal Protein Weight Loss protocol at a clinic where I worked. I saw first hand the transformations, as clients came and went. It was then that I decided to try Ideal Protein myself and lost 20 lbs. Over the years I have lost another 10 lbs and have maintained that 30+lbs to this day. I am in the best shape of my life, eating the most well balanced whole foods diet ever and have the knowledge of what and why I am doing what I am doing. I can thank the science of Ideal Protein for it.

I have always had to battle my weight and had been on every diet imaginable, but everything I tried was a temporary fix, and the weight always came back on. Looking back, what was missing from all these diets was the science, structure and education that I found with Ideal Protein. Ideal Protein itself has changed through the years. Being science based it evolves as the science behind it evolves and therefore provides us with the most up-to-date protocol. What have you got to lose!


Electrolysis is something that I, myself, have been involved with since my teenage years because of the unwanted facial hair. As a client, I saw the changes Electrolysis could make, inside and out. It restored my inner confidence. Since 1998, I have put my expertise, caring nature and professionalism into providing the very best hair removal treatment for each of my Electrolysis clients. By having undergone extensive theoretical and practical training in Electrolysis I will help you attain your desired look.

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